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Sustainable and traceable construction logistics 

Reduce costs

Our platform optimizes resource allocation and empowers data-driven decision-making, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum deviations

Track logistics activities

Get real-time visibility on your activities, improve coordination, communication and access any report to better risk mitigate and save valuable time.

Bring transparency & security

Users and stakeholders can trust that the information in the reports is accurate and hasn't been manipulated as we leverage a distributed ledger technology.

This is included with TRACE Logistics

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Schedule deliveries

Schedule deliveries for precision timing, cost savings, and resource optimization. Enhance safety, nurture supplier partnerships, and reduce your environmental footprint. Real-time tracking and data-driven insights keep you in control.

Synchronized calendar with all deliveries

Streamlined ordering process with suppliers


Track deliveries real-time

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Our solution grows with

your needs

Your construction project has its own fingerprint, unique in terms of infrastructure, operational activities and type of customers - it requires a solution that adapts to the needs of the industry. With Trace Delivery Calendar, you get full control over your logistics and your complex flows through simple process management. In this way, you can focus on streamlining your production. 


- Cent Gustafsson, CEO

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