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When factuality meets compliance

Digitalize your site's paperwork while creating traceability throughout the project lifecycle.  Capture and sign off data instantly. Comply to your process requirements. Connect to stakeholders with verified identities, legal signatures and roles.  Hold a TRACE of who, has done what, and when. That's what factuality is all about.

Easy like a screenshot, faster than Bolt.


Turning procedures and paperwork digital has never been as easy. Capture relevant information, sign it off, and create factuality around your entire work site. Trace it when you want it as you want it.


Save time with 

compliance by design.


Don't even think about it, it's automated. Use smart documents and process compliance checklists templates, or create your own according to your industry requirements. We reduce work site admin and capture time by 60%.


Connect securely,

share globally.


Our solutions are Lequinox DLT technology enabled, combining the power of role based IDs, e-signatures and smart contracts. The solution is decentralized and preserves corporate short, it's legal and secure!

Litigation, unpaid invoices?

We've got you back. Trace your site actions, hold a legal proof, get paid for your work.

Application Modules


DigiSign Checklist


Capture, document and

track site operations, maintenance and compliance.

Get it all quickly captured and legally signed for. Trace your site maintenance, document it and facilitate site audit with Trace checklists. 

Quick Trace, and carry on.

DigiSign Construction 


All mandatory documentation for the compliant and smart construction site. 

It all started with the mandatory daily construction journal. It evolved to become a specialised application for paperless construction sites. Users save on average 60 % of data capture time and get the right information to the right people minimising delays, preventing accidents, miscommunication, and overall site deviations.


DigiSign pressure test

Pressure test, capture starting and ending test values, sign, store and trace. Simples!

Designed for pressure and density controls, DigiSign pressure test is a checklist module to digitally capture the required values, ensure testing time is done within the correct intervals. The start and stop-images are digitally signed and distributed as a smart contract.


"60% savings in project management reporting"


Enterprise Solutions

Information precision and factuality.


From the man on the ground up to management.

We design enterprise solutions for traceability around the industry value chain. So be it healthcare, construction, professional training, or retail point management, our traceability solutions are dedicated to automating your process requirements.

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Have it your way, sky's the limit.

Easy to Scale up and integrate with any software.

We think outward. Trace offers traceability solutions that can be integrated with any existing application, portal, software or hardware. We offer standard integrations such us MS word and outlook, and more integrations through our technology partners. Bottom line, we help you add traceability wherever you need it.

Test it before you drive it.

Full scale compliance study conducted before the project starts.

Our full scale compliance study using Lequinox functions, can demonstrate fulfilment of your process and legislative compliance needs, and make sure that your investment will pay off from day one.

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Communication technology for internet bu

Democratising DLT technology

Sign it your way. Pincode or biometrics, it's a smart contract, we've got you covered.

Automated processes and confidential data being shared between authenticated roles and devices. All actions are signed and stored in a distributed transaction archive. High performance and scalability with solutions that can integrate with any national scheme and can handle minimum 500 interactions per second.

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